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Episode One:

Barbier's charge:
Lt Barbier's cavalry come across Sharpe and the lads on their trip to find Dada Nugent, shot at Chufut Kale, Ukraine August 1994. A pretty awesome sight viewed at any distance, but these chaps are heading straight for the camera and I've got a big hedge in my backing-up space. Just some of the lengths I went to in delivering that 'being there' Sharpe experience.

Beano forage:
Sharpe isn't required to wear a forage cap on camera; that's more the preserve of the Chosen Man. So it's a very rare sight indeed to see Beano taking a little ribbing when he dons the Chosen head-gear.

This is WNBC:
Daragh is coiffed by Sano De Perpessac, our excellent Portuguese hair dresser from the first and third series. Daragh living in Los Angeles at the time, liked to practice his American accent as much as possible. In this clip he tells the odds on the number of hours between proposed start time on the call sheet and Tom calling action on the first take.

Triple M:
Mike Mears relaxes on his fold-out bed contemplating his next move on Sharpe. Unfortunately his last move was an early exit from the unit and he never appeared in another Sharpe episode.

Two Rons:
John Tams and Lyndon Davies, otherwise known as Earlier Ron and Later Ron; can you guess which is which? The oldest and the youngest Chosen men maintain the serious vein already established.

Wellington OK:
Hugh was rightfully very demanding when his false nose was being applied. There is nothing worse than a prosthetic appendage that has a visible join.

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